KEEPSAKE: Anything can be a keepsake if it has meaning to you. A knick-knack from your childhood, a memento from your travels – the things you just can’t bring yourself to throw away. But these treasures often get hidden away in a shoebox... why not give them a chance to really shine?

I understand that even simple things can have great meaning. I will honour whatever you bring me and help write a beautiful new chapter in their story. 

Photographs:Capture a Moment & Remember It Forever, Photos can inspire us, comfort us, and make us smile. So why limit something so beautiful to just one place? Capture a moment, and take it with you in a piece of everyday, wearable art. Or add a photo to a special keepsake to create a visual story. 

Botanicals: Carry a bit of nature around your neck! Pressing flowers and botanicals allows you to preserve their vividness – along with any sentimentality they may hold – for years to come.

Ideally, botanicals are best preserved when they are fresh and still full of colour. If you live locally, you are more than welcome to drop them off at my studio.

I do prefer to press botanicals myself in order to preserve as many as possible... the more blooms I have to work with, the more options for your art!

If you want a custom piece made with flowers from a special occasion, but can not get them to me fresh,  you can pre-press them between matte paper-paged books (old phone books work great!), but do note that I can only work with what I am provided with. 







Please note that botanicals will naturally fade over time. To prolong the colour of your handmade creation, keep out of direct sunlight and store wearables inside a jewelry box or soft pouch when not being worn. Everyone deserves to open a beautifully wrapped gift – even if the gift is for you!I want every part of your experience with me to be special. Your creation is handmade with love and care, and is presented the same way. Love and care is the key. 
NOTE: For all Botanical based orders, If there is any left over unpressed flowers, they are  air dried for you and gifted back to you as park off your packaging. I also try my best to keep all additional materials found in bouquets & arrangements… like charms & ribbons with orders, if they are salvageable I will also return them safely to you.