LOVE & CARE In Every Step

Each creation is made with love and care in my home studio. With custom projects, I always ask that you visit my studio, so you can see where your creation will be made. I want you to feel comfortable leaving your treasures with me.

During our meeting, I strive to learn all I can about your treasure, and gather any ideas you may have for the piece. Together, we determine things like the shape, size, and finish of your order, as well as a timeline for completion. Then, the true design can begin!

Keepsakes are carefully encased in glass, which is then trimmed to establish a framed edge for solder. After the soldering stage, each piece is cleaned, oxidized, and waxed. Hardware is added, and the finished product gets photographed, gift wrapped, and delivered to its new home.

If you are unable to visit my studio, I am happy to consult with you via email or phone. You are also welcome to mail your materials if you feel comfortable doing so.