Where are you located?

I am located in Cambridge (Galt), Ontario. My cute little studio space is located on Roseview Ave and is by appointment only. This is where drop off and pick up appointments will be held. 


When should I book? 

The sooner the better. When you know your date and booking your other vendors make sure you secure your date with me. Space fills up fast during wedding season, so make sure to inquire and lock in your date. I am currently booking for 2024-2025. 


How do I reserve my date?

When you have decided to book my services, I will send you a contract to look over and fill out. Once I receive a filled out contract, I will put together an invoice for you. A 50% deposit and a filled out contract is required to reserve your date.


How soon after the event do you need my flowers? And how to care for them to make sure they preserve well?

Ideally within 1-3 days after the event. It is important to keep flowers in cool, clean water and out of direct sunlight to keep them as fresh as possible. If your flowers are in green foam blocks, make sure to keep the blocks hydrated. The pressing process works best with fresh flowers. 

Somethings are out of your control and that is ok, but here are a few things you can do to make your flowers arrive to me in the best condition!

A few things you can control before and after your event:

  • Try to keep your bouquet in water whenever possible throughout your big day. Keep a vase of cool clean water near your head table to pop them into instead of laying them onto a table.
  • Do not toss your bouquet. If you are wanting to throw a bouquet, use a bridesmaid bouquet or ask you florist to make up a small tossing bouquet for you. 
  • Do not mist your flowers with water. This will cause molding within the petals which is not good. 
  • Let your florist know you are getting your bouquet preserved. If possible use only natural flowers that have not been sprayed or dyed.

Things that are out of my control:

  • The variety of blooms your florist picks. Some blooms press better then others.  For example: different types of white blooms press whiter them others, some dry more cream or even beige tones. Some light pink/ peach blooms lose pigment. Some dark rose/ purple blooms dry deeper in tone.  
  • How old the blooms your florist is using? If they are older blooms, they may have already stared to brown or wilt by the time they reach my studio. I can only work with what I receive. 


I am not local, can I ship my flowers?

Sure do! I accept flowers Canada-Wide to be shipped via Overnight or express shipping to my studio in Cambridge. 

Flowers need to be shipped out the first business day after your event. Follow my recommended shipping instructions carefully so that your flowers arrive to me in the best shape possible! 

I can also mail your completed keepsake back to you. Depending on size of order and Final destination, shipping starts at a min of $35. (I can normally give you a quote once I know return address and size of order)

Please note the cost to ship your flowers to us or return shipping of your frame is the responsibility of the customer.


Do you take last minute bookings?

Yes I do!  I understand that sometimes things are last minute, and that is alright. If you have not booked ahead but would like to have a keepsake created, the best choice is to contact me as soon as possible before or after event (14 days before event is considered last minute booking)

If I have space in the studio to work on your blooms, I can send you a contract (or you can fill one out at my studio)  and we can set up a drop off date and time. Once I know what you would like to order, I will send you an invoice. A deposit of 50% of total order is due 24 hours within receiving invoice. This insures that you will have a spot guaranteed for all assembly work on your custom order.

After event bookings can only be dropped off in person at my studio in Cambridge. 


Will my flowers change during the preservation process or fade over time?

Yes, Flowers are a natural, organic material, and since I do not introduce any chemicals into my natural process, yes they will fade over time. These keepsakes are meant to move through life with you, evolve and grow with you. 

During the pressing process, Many light tone flowers tend to lose pigments, yellow or even slightly brown. Red and Purple flowers tend to darken in tone. 

To prolong colour, keep out of direct sunlight and humid spaces.


I have an air dried bouquet from years ago, Can you do anything with it?

I sure can! Depending on the condition of the blooms, I maybe able to press them into a Glass keepsake. 

But if not, I can offer you something from my Resin Keepsake Collection, like a set of lovely coasters or a catch-all tray.


Can I add items to my keepsake?

Yes you can. You can provide me with a photo, your vows, Fabric (like lace from your dress or pocket square) I can even add your bouquet ribbon if you like! When filling out contract, leave a note for me and I can make sure I have your additional items before I start designing. 


How long does this process take?

My handmade keepsakes are 100% made by me. From the Glass being cut & ground, to the Flowers being pressed and designed. I also custom make my own metal frames. Truly one of a kind, custom made to order,  just for you. Each keepsake order receives hours of love an attention.

Event keepsakes are created as a first come, first serve bases for those who book in advance. Last minute drop offs will not be prioritized. Due to a high demand of wedding keepsakes I can not guarantee a completion time. Ideally 4 months but timeline may change depending on busy seasons and can take upwards of 6+ months. 


Do you have Gift Certificates?

Yes, I do offer Gift Certificates as any price point. These make amazing wedding shower gifts, giving the couple plenty of time to book and secure their date with me. 


I am attending a wedding and would love to gift a Wedding Keepsake, How do I go about this? 

There are two options here.  

Options 1: Gift them a Gift Card for their Wedding Shower and get the couple to book with me themselves as soon as possible to secure there big day.

Option 2: You book with me, Fill out the contract and drop off the flowers after the wedding yourself.  If you would like to gift them something on the wedding day, you can pick up some postcards and business cards from my studio before hand and gift that in the card, to let them know something is coming! This way you can gift them with the actual completed wedding keepsake. (Please make sure to get permission to take the flowers.)


Do you have add on options?

I do offer many add on options like, mini wall hangings, ornaments, keychains, pendants, coasters or catchall trays. These make great thank you gifts to your wedding party and family members.


Do you only create for weddings? If I have flowers/keepsakes from another event can you create with them?

I create to capture a moment in time. Whether that time is to Celebrate, To Grieve or to Remember.  

I love working with keepsakes. I can work with Photographs, Hand Written Note /Letters /Recipes /Vows, Fabric, Glass/Brass Buttons, Some Stones/Crystals, Butterfly Wings and Other insects, Sand or shells from Vacation…. The ideas are endless. 

Want to know if I can work with your keepsakes?….. Reach out and we can have a chat. We can talk over some ideas and design a meaningful keepsake together.

My goal is to bring life back to memories that have been forgotten about and to remember the memories that we cherish. So we can honour them on a day to day basis. 


Can I share my Keepsake on social media? Where can I leave a review?

Please do! I love to see my creations out in the world! Make sure to tag me so I can see your posts. @amarbhuee #amarbhuee 

I will only be able to see If your accounts are open to the public. If you have a private account send me a photo via email or DM. I would love to see. 

Yes you can leave a review/feedback on my Google or Facebook business pages. Links below:




If you have any additional question please CONTACT me via email.