WEDDING KEEPSAKES: Take an element from your special day and create a meaningful keepsake! Make a gift for someone, wear it or display it in your home. 

You see your wedding photos & rings everyday, Why not your wedding flowers? 

Your wedding flowers play a large part in your day. 

They are with you when you are getting ready, When you walk down the aisle, with you when you say you're ‘I do’s’, and while you celebrate with all the most important people in your life. 

Why not keep that memory as a daily reminder of these special moments.

Wedding Bouquet Wall Hangings - After your big day, transform the flowers you so lovingly carried down the aisle into a stunning piece of art for your home.

Something Old, Something New - Lace from your mother’s wedding dress. A vintage love letter. Blue flowers from the garden. Combine unique and precious items into something very personal for your wedding day.

Bridal Party & Family - What is a better way to say Thank You, then to gift a bit of your day to all those who mean the world to you. I will work with you to help bring your vision to life.

It is recommended you reserve this service prior to your wedding, as studio space is very limited. I recommend booking this service when you know your wedding date and are starting to book your event vendors. 

Day of Wedding Items can also be ordered. Like custom necklaces, earrings or keychains for all your wedding party gifts. (Please pre-order them 3-6 months before event, to make sure you have them for the big day)












Everyone deserves to open a beautifully wrapped gift – even if the gift is for you!

I want every part of your experience with me to be special. Your creation is handmade with love and care, and is presented the same way. Love and care is the key. 
NOTE: For all Botanical based orders, If there is any left over unpressed flowers, they are air dried for you and gifted back to you as part off your packaging. I also try my best to keep all additional materials found in bouquets... like charms & ribbons with orders, if they are salvageable I will also return them safely to you.
Please note that botanicals will naturally fade over time. To prolong the colour of your handmade creations, keep out of direct sunlight and store wearables inside a jewelry box or soft pouch when not being worn.