Amar Bhuee- Artist & Owner

Amar Bhuee was born in South East London, England, to a family that has always been proud to work with their hands. They moved to Canada when she was just 3 years old, and settled in the scenic town of Cambridge, Ontario. Amar still lives in Cambridge with her husband and cat. 

Her adventures as an artist first began in 2008, when she was encouraged by a friend to sell her photography at a local art show. Amar loved meeting the people who bought her work, and realized how art has the power to forge meaningful connections between people. She was struck by the idea that if her artwork was somehow portable – or wearable – it could be shared with more people, sparking even more connections.

She began experimenting with new materials, teaching herself how to solder and encase found objects. This technique allowed her to expand into the world of keepsakes and botanicals, which is what defines her as an artist today.