Carry a bit of nature around your neck! Pressing flowers and botanicals allows you to preserve their vividness – along with any sentimentality they may hold – for years to come.

Ideally, botanicals are best preserved when they are fresh and still full of colour. If you live locally, you are more than welcome to drop them off at my studio. I do prefer to press botanicals myself in order to preserve as many as possible... the more blooms I have to work with, the more options for your art!

If you want a custom piece made with flowers from a special occasion, you can pre-press them between matte paper-paged books (old phone books work great!). For more information on special occasion orders, see Bridal Services.

Please note that botanicals will naturally fade over time. To prolong the colour of your handmade creation, keep out of direct sunlight and store inside a jewelry box or soft pouch when not being worn.